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Challenger Business & Executive Coaching provides unique, repeatable, winning programs to improve the performance of individual managers and the teams they lead. Our goal is to enable organizations to become optimally effective achieving business objectives, regardless of the circumstances that confront them.

We provide resources and processes that help workers focus on leadership, teamwork, conflict management and collaboration. We steer leaders successfully through change management processes… because change is the challenging constant in business. Our programs enable both managers and their work teams to become coaches themselves within their own organizations, thus enabling the investment in our programs to deliver on going returns.
The services and resources we provide generate positive, measurable bottom-line results by emphasizing (a) personal growth in strength areas and (b) risk reduction through effective problem avoidance and conflict resolution. Can coaching deliver return on investment for your organization? Yes, when you have the right tools, the right guidance, the right framework and, most importantly, the right partner.

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Who Can Use Coaching? The most powerful way to help others learn soft skills on the job is coaching. Candidates for Challenger coaching engagements include:

  • Individual contributors, known for their functional skills, who are now being called on to lead and manage teams rather than simply do the work themselves.
  • “Home grown” managers, valued for their personal achievements, with a history of contributions in an older business paradigm, who are novices in new business conditions.
  • High performing managers in a circumstance of merger or acquisition tasked with blending workers from different, perhaps oppositional cultures and turning them into productive highly functional teams.
  • New hires tasked with re-inventing team dynamics during a period of high competitive challenges. There is no time for in-fighting, new leaders have to achieve trust and buy-in quickly.
  • Older more seasoned managers tasked with leading younger teams whose technical prowess may exceed their own. “Old dogs” can benefit from coaching to relate more effectively, and harness the skill and expertise of their more junior multi-tasking “wired” workers.
  • Younger talent appointed to lead because of their technical expertise, but stymied at the prospect of nurturing and gaining the respect of longer tenured, legacy, mature business teams, who may not be “techies” but hold priceless institutional and industry knowledge.
  • We coach, consult and provide coaching services within all areas of business, industry and professional services firms. We also have a support and training service for executive coaches. All professions and industries either have or serve stress-filled workplaces, where people usually rise to leadership roles because they are Wizards or Rainmakers, Commanders or Peacemakers.

    In any given executive position or vertical profession, people rise to the top for a variety of factors: Wizards possess specialized technical or creative expertise and tend to rule the works, whereas Rainmakers most often “own the customer” and therefore tend to rule the relationships. Commanders rule with iron fists. Peacemakers are conciliatory consensus builders.

    For enduring and growing success, Wizards, Rainmakers, Commanders, Peacemakers, and their respective teams and co-workers must work well together. All management styles are vitally important, yet they each come from radically different worlds, and often without the experience, confidence and communicative skills for excellent management and leadership needed for productive interaction. This cultural leadership duality can and does cloud communication and as a result magnify work stress.

    Coaching is the most effective process for breaking down barriers and harnessing the power of multifaceted, talented teams. Challenger Business & Executive Coaching is the leading, most trusted resource for helping you meet that objective.
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